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Mona Eckhoff Sørmo, kunst, kunstverk, artist, Foto: Sarah Thus


Christmas Carol

Listen to the song and watch the video here (link to Youtube).

Recording at Rainbow Studio

To be announced


Asker Church has commissioned the work LYSNE by Kristin Skaare, and she is bringing a star team of musicians and singers with her for the first performance SUNDAY 27 AUGUST at 20 in Asker church.

Here you will hear Åsne Valland Nordli, Nils Økland, Mats Eilertsen Rune Arnesen, Ingvild Køhn Malmbekk and Kristin Skaare, and the talented singers in the vocal ensemble Stemt: Kristin Moksnes Husby, Kristin Cherradi, Margrethe Cecilie Baastad, Eva Alice Line, Anne Holm-Nordhagen , Cathrine Bjordal, Anne Markegård Øya, Tonje Langås, Janne Teodora Aksnes, Elisabeth Lorange Brandt, Sigrun Bjørkøy, Karin Kilden, Linn Adele Askvik. Einar Ytrelid provides silky sound. We are very much looking forward to it.


Tickets (NOK 200) can be reserved here:

The commissioned work is supported by the Norwegian Composers Fund, the concert is supported by the Norwegian Composers' Association NKF, the Choral Association and Asker municipality. Ticket price NOK 200. Welcome!

The work LYSNE is dedicated to Tom Christian Ambrosius Mortensen (the husband of Kristin's sister Karin) who passed away on July 1st this summer.

See more here

KILDE – music meditation

Music with silence. No text. Peace. Room.

Trefoldighetskirken, Grønland kirke, Hasle kirke and Asker kirke are the churches of the season in the autumn of 2022.
Free, open to all. 


Kristin Skaare often participates in contexts that facilitate musical contemplation, meditative concerts, and participated in "Rom for fred" on June 3 in Moss church.

Kristin also has workshops, shorter and longer solo performances at seminars / conferences, and has participated in international women's conferences, both in business and industry in large format, as «Women's International Network» in Italy and Switzerland - to smaller conferences such as «Visdom Vekst Vandring» in Iceland (a Nordic professional forum for bishops, theological scholars, and priests / pastors). Kristin was also a soloist in connection with the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage: «MODIGE STEMMER - Fra De stummes leir til rosabloggere»

under the auspices of the Church Council.

On 16 June, Kristin participates as a soloist and collaborates with Sebastian Christensen (from The Voice) in Kulturkirken Jakob on the project «Kjærlighet som medisin».

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