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Albumcover for Amoraroma av Kristin Skaare

Graceful as an antelope, Kristin Skaare hits the senses with her debut album "Amoraroma"

– Knut Godø, Harstad Tidene

Dice, terning, seks, six, terningkast seks, svart, hvit

Gracefully as an antelope, Kristin Skaare hits the senses with her debut album "Amoraroma". She creates clear, open melodies wrapped in warm envelopes in character, maximum in tasteful security. Announcing Skaare as a debutant almost calls for a smile. She is a backstager of rank in Norwegian music over the last couple of decades. She has played behind everything from Jonas Fjeld and Kari Bremnes to Vamp, Ravn and Susanne Lundeng. Skaare has been playfully responsible for fun keystrokes and quick musical line art in the artist's expression.

After an art break due to illness, Skaare sends herself with "Amorama" headlong into one of the most exclusive of our singers. The fullback is having a goal party! Now, under the auspices of Kulturverksted, she has set the tone for some of Inger Hagrup's poems. It sounds like in a quiet alley, all sounds are carried forward in clear, rain-soaked light, an effective platform for attentive, meaningful musical utterance. The songs are devoid of cover fiber and fashionable attire. "Cupid aroma" achieves a naked and tender presence and powers the art of sensory blotting. Skaare plays out extremely in the sweet, sour, soft and sharp.


The tastefully arranged visa is her genre. the tool is the keys, either from accordion or piano. She has not sung often before and the new encounter with the voice surprises. it is far smaller than in many of her pop and song sisters, but it excels in unassuming, artistic intensity. There is little doubt that it suits Hagrup's ethereal, extremely pictorial texts. The album plays with style quotes. Skaare diversifies from buttery tango to arbes and Latin sweeteners here and there, while she stands firm in a Norwegian song tradition that is not afraid to look beyond. As the record goes, I often think of Terje Nilsen's subtle stylistic humor.

The crew of "Amoraroma" is not exactly jugglers. Frode Alnes and Geir Sundstøl on guitars, Michael Blair on rhythms and Audun Erlien on bass make up the standard ensemble. Several of the kingdom's most attractive studio shadows have been drawn in ad hoc.

Kristin Skaare herself and Erik Hillestad have carved out the product, and even though it is not the season for bombastic exclamations, I do not disregard the fact that February has kept up with the best of the year in the song genre in this country. If not, we are stale. Because then it will be a hell of a beautiful spring.

The CD testifies to a mature artist who combines soft melodies with exciting sound collages - as resilient as the pun" Amoraroma ". Skaare has set the melody to a love poem by Inger Hagrup and the pulse in the music swings like a loving heart

– Anders Grønneberg, Dagbladet

In the songs "Morgen" and "Gjensyn", she appears as the brightly sensual female version of Tom Waits!

– Stein Østbø, VG

Bilde fra Kirkelig Kulturverksted viser anmeldelser fra platen og et bilde av Kristin

GORGEOUS! Kristin Skare's solo debut "Amoraroma" makes sane people open their ears

– Knut Godø, Plate Panorama, Harstad Tidene

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