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Lille Messias
Little Messiah"

Lille Messias
Lille Messias albumcover av Åsne Valland Nordli og Kristin Skaare

On Monday 17 October, Åsne went to Oslo to fulfill her father's wish that she should make a new Christmas record. That same evening, she met Kristin Skaare for the first time at one of the capital's nightclubs. The next day, sound engineer Audun Strype and producer Sigbjørn Tveite were ready with recording equipment and Steinway grand piano in Sofienberg church.

After two "first take", two songs were attached to the digital tape. And before the bells rang in the autumn evening, another six were immortalized. The next day the last two (…) The record is dedicated to Åsne's father Mikal Valland, who died on October 21, only hours after he heard the recordings.

Dice, terning, fem, five, terningkast fem, svart, hvit
Dice, terning, fem, five, terningkast fem, svart, hvit
Dice, terning, seks, six, terningkast seks, svart, hvit
Dice, terning, seks, six, terningkast seks, svart, hvit
Dice, terning, seks, six, terningkast seks, svart, hvit

It's wonderful to hear a Christmas album that dares to let the silence be audible in the music.

– Dagsavisen

Against Kirstin Skare's extremely sparse play, which gives associations to Erik Satie as well as Arvvo Pärt, Åsne Vallande comes forward with a voice, bright and powerful. The release is pure medicine.

– VG

Nothing ugly said about Jussi Björling; but much further away from his operational version of "O weekend night" than the one that (folk) singer Åsne Valland Nordli and pianist Kristin Skaare present on this album, it is difficult to get. And I like their interpretation just as well!
Skare's delicate piano arrangement and exquisite "accompaniment" dress Valland Nordli's distinctive and beautiful voice excellently. Several of the events offer surprising twists; such as that "O weekend night" sounds with piano notes from the hymn "Cut you who burst for me".

The song selection on the album is good and a little outside the widest Christmas all-color path. A Romanian Christmas song with a strong history attached to it, is one of many jewels on the record. In addition, the quince-inspired performance ensures that even the regulars of Christmas are experienced as new and challenging. The soundscape and atmosphere are subdued and thoughtful and emphasize the impression of a completed and great production.

Hardly anyone accompanies their records with better cover / text booklets than Via Music. The reviews of each track / song are the purest treasure chests. Exemplary!

– Ole-Einar Andersen, Adresseavisen

Christmas tears. "Little Messiah" is a beautiful record. But it does not let us fall asleep at the manger. (…) The gaze is directed at the child - the one and the many.

– Vårt Land

Wonderful holy night. Brilliant in all its simplicity and authenticity! Exemplary!

– Adresseavisen

Music for Christmas and the soul. Åsne Valland Nordli is a folk singer with blue tones and a bell-ready voice. Kristin Skaare is known from her collaboration with Kari Bremnes. They make Christmas night a little more beautiful. As always, the production from Via Music is impeccable and "Little Messiah" is good sound and music for meditation and reflection.

– Fidelity

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